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Feature #917: Report Writer (see Feature #916: Use of map layer to find data from another layer)

Provide a way to get column statistics through JavaScript

Added by Andy Dufilie almost 5 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Required by:MARC, Kansas City, MO


Here's a function that will get column statistics values asynchronously:

 * Adds a callback which will be called whenever the stats values for a specified column change.
 * @param weavePath A WeavePath object pointing to a column object in the session state.
 * @param callback A function which will receive a stats object for the column.
function addStatsCallback(weavePath, callback) {
    weavePath = weavePath.weave.path(weavePath.getPath()); // makes a copy
    function callbackToString(f) {
        return weavePath.weave.path.callbacks.slice(-1)[0].name;
        .libs('weave.api.WeaveAPI', 'flash.external.ExternalInterface')
            "statsCallback": callbackToString(function(){
                var stats = weavePath.getValue("\
                    var stats = WeaveAPI.StatisticsCache.getColumnStatistics(this);\
                    WeaveAPI.SessionManager.registerLinkableChild(stats, this);\
                    WeaveAPI.SessionManager.registerLinkableChild(WeaveAPI.globalHashMap, stats);\
                    if (WeaveAPI.SessionManager.linkableObjectIsBusy(stats))\
                        return null;\
                    var names = ['count', 'max', 'mean', 'min', 'squareSum', 'standardDeviation', 'sum', 'variance'];\
                    var values = new Object();\
                        values[name] = stats['get' + name.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + name.substr(1)]();\
                    return values;\
                if (stats)
                    callback.call(weavePath, stats);
            var stats = WeaveAPI.StatisticsCache.getColumnStatistics(this);\
            var cc = WeaveAPI.SessionManager.getCallbackCollection(stats);\
            cc.addGroupedCallback(null, function(){\
            }, true);\

Example usage:

var path = weave.path("defaultColorDataColumn", "internalDynamicColumn");
var callback = function(stats){
    console.log(JSON.stringify(stats, null, 3));
addStatsCallback(path, callback);

Example output:

["defaultColorDataColumn", "internalDynamicColumn"]
   "sum": 985.9000000000001,
   "variance": 5.393461057892637,
   "standardDeviation": 2.322382625213304,
   "count": 49,
   "squareSum": 20100.990000000005,
   "max": 40,
   "min": 0,
   "mean": 20.120408163265306

aggregate-value.png (23.9 KB) Andy Dufilie, 07/25/2012 03:13 PM


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  • Required by set to MARC, Kansas City, MO

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#3 Updated by Andy Dufilie almost 5 years ago

Note: It may be better to provide ALL the statistics for all selected columns so the admin wouldn't have to go through so many wizards to set each value. The JavaScript code could then access what it wants and generate a table/report.

#4 Updated by Andy Dufilie almost 5 years ago

When this is implemented, we also need to provide an example HTML template that displays the data.

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#7 Updated by Manny Trillo over 4 years ago


The reasoning behind this request was to circumvent the lack of reporting options in Weave. If we could have access to such variables, we could create a report outside of Weave. I like the fact that the variable can be created for selected records. Is it possible to create an array that applies the function to multiple columns instead of a single variable to one column? Often times you would want to aggregate multiple columns for the selected area and include all those aggregations in a report. Also, I am assuming that the Equation editor can be used to create a new column based on a specific expression and then this function could be used to create a variable for the calculated column. I have had issues with the equation editor, but that is a diferent story.

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  • Subject changed from Create an interface for setting JavaScript variables to aggregated column values (for use with an external HTML template) to Provide a way to get column statistics through JavaScript
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See the issue description for a JavaScript function that you can use.

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